ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Bundle

If you own a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle that you don’t drive very often, the ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Bundle is a product you may want to look into.

With this kit you can use the power of the sun to keep the battery of those idle vehicles charged and ready to go.

Of course the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Bundle is also small and lightweight so it can be used to provide power when you’re on a camping trip or if you’re spending some time in the outdoors.

If you are using it to charge the battery on a car, you can simply plug the charger into your vehicle’s 12 V lighter socket and position the panel so that it will pick up as much sunlight as possible. There are also alligator clips included so you can connect directly to the battery if you choose.


Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 5.4 x 1.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces
  • ALLPOWERS Car battery maintainer can charge 12V batteries with the power of the sun and create 5 watts of energy
  • Mono-crystalline silicon panel works in all daylight conditions and is weatherproof / splash proof for added durability
  • Works with automobile, motorcycle, tractor, boat batteries and more
  • Built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse discharge
  • Package: ALLPOWERS car battery charger, cigarette lighter plug, clip line, suction cupds, manual


The Reviews

When researching reviews for the ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Bundle we found close to 1000 customer reviews online and the reviews are good, but they are not stellar. This product received an average customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Some of the people who left negative reviews said that the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Bundle is of poor quality. For example, one customer said that the cloth on the sides and the back has basically disintegrated and turned into a black powder. A solar panel is meant to be positioned to collect as much sunlight as possible, but the cloth around the panel breaks down when it is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Some customers are saying that the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Bundle is not a quality product, but it’s important to remember that this is a solar panel that is currently available for just $19.99 and you could easily spend five times as much for a similar solar panel.

Having said that, when you’re buying a product you do have the right to expect it to work properly. Fortunately, the majority of reviews are positive reviews from happy customers who are saying that it does in fact work the way it’s supposed to, even if it’s not the highest quality product on the market.

Many customers are saying that this solar panel kit works great for keeping things charged. One customer said that he was storing a car in his garage and he has to jumpstart the car every 30 days. He has a truck that has been sitting for four months that he used the solar panel with and it started right up.

Another customer said that he uses the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Bundle to keep the battery on his 1967 tractor charged. His tractor will sit idle for months, but when he’s ready to use it, the battery has plenty of power and it starts right up.

Although the ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger Bundle is a very inexpensive item and some customers are saying that you get what you pay for and the quality suffers because of its low price, many customers are very happy with this product and thrilled that they are able to keep the batteries charged on vehicles and equipment that often sit for months without being started.

A lot of people are saying that this solar panel kit is like a little insurance policy that lets them know that their car, truck, boat, tractor, or other equipment will start right up when they need it to.


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