Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit w-Nomad 20 Solar Panel

If you need portable, off grid power, the Goal Zero Solar Generator Kit is something you should seriously consider. This kit comes with both the Goal Zero Yeti 400 generator and the Nomad 20 solar panel, so obviously you can charge the internal batteries by using the power of the sun. However, you can also charge the batteries by plugging into an AC wall outlet, or a 12 V DC outlet.

The Yeti 400 holds enough power to charge a laptop five or more times on just battery power alone. Of course you can charge much more than just laptops.

This solar generator can be used to charge phones, camera batteries, flashlights and other gear, and it can even be used to power small appliances.


Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 15 x 12.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 39.1 pounds
  • Power lights, CPAP machines and TVs anywhere with built-in AC inverters
  • 5 ampere USB outlet, 12 volts outlet and 300 watts pure sine AC inverter included
  • Chainable with other Goal Zero Yeti 400 for longer runtime
  • Kit includes one YEti 400 and one Boulder 20 Watt Solar Panel
  • Safe for indoor use; refuel from wall, car or sun car charger and solar panel.


The Reviews

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit is getting great reviews from customers online. When researching this product we found over 120 reviews and it received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Many reviews are coming from people who are using this set up to provide power while camping. They are able to run lights, radios, and charge personal electronics. The Yeti 400 can even power small appliances.

There are also a number of reviews coming from people who are using this kit for all sorts of different applications. There was a customer who said that he purchased this kit specifically for charging 18 V power tool batteries.


One review came from a customer who said that his company purchased this kit because they do video production and documentaries in a number of different locations. He said that the Yeti 400 is a lifesaver and it easily powers their LED light panels and gives them plenty of energy for charging camera batteries and smart phones. He also said that “it’s really nice to not even have to think about power solutions when you arrive at a location to film.”

Many customers like the size of the Goal Zero Solar Generator Kit. The Yeti 400 is not too big, not too small, but just right. It’s big enough that it gives you plenty of power, while being small enough that you can take it with you wherever you need to go.

When researching this product we found a lot of 5 star reviews from satisfied customers. People are using this kit for every imaginable application and the vast majority of people are very happy with it, making it easy for us to give the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit our recommendation.



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